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Our manifesto

Homemade is best…
You could buy a lovely cake from the grocery store or a commercial bakery, but it can’t compare with something made-to-order from a home kitchen. All of our cakes and cookies are made with the best and freshest ingredients possible, especially for you.

No fondant monsters…
Food can be beautiful, but it should always be delicious. Big sculptural cakes covered in hard fondant icing have their place, but it’s not here – Yummy Nice cakes are little works of art, but they will always look and taste like cake.

Don’t call me cupcake…
Yummy Nice is about much more than just cupcakes.  We tailor each order to your requests, make our unique decorations by hand and we will research concepts and flavours for you until we get it just right.

And we also bake lots of other treats: large cakes, mini cakes, bundt cakes and more – like biscuits, petit fours, tea breads and chocolate truffles, to name just a few!

Cake for all*
We can cater to most dietary requirements and we have several gluten-free and vegan recipes in our arsenal.
*unfortunately, we run out of one tiny kitchen, so we can’t promise 100% nut-free cakes.

Cake should tread softly in the world…
Eating cake is a joyful thing, so it shouldn’t cause others misery. With that in mind, we do our best to use ingredients that are cruelty-free and ethically sourced. We use organic butter and dairy products, free range eggs and fair trade sugars and chocolate.

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